1. Haven’t updated in a while - my apologies. 
    I was working on a new series of gaming portraits, but I lost many recent files while upgrading my hard drive, and the entire series is wiped. 
    I was only able to salvage this single, remaining remnant of the series - an animated version of my Skull Kid portrait. 

    Enjoy it, and I hope to redo a lot of the series when I have the time!

  2. Lakitu Cloud by Ronan Lynam
    Giving an old drawing new life with a simple animation loop!
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  3. I was practicing a few new brushes on a simple sphere.
    One thing led to another, and we’re left with a cute little Metroid sketch!

  5. Little diddy I whipped up today. 

  6. Rough sketches for my upcoming tribute series entitled Happy Hyrule.
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  7. Little diddy I fixed up today.  Enjoy!



  8. Sneak peak WIP of my next upcoming tribute series! 
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  9. Ghost Rider by Ronan Lynam
    Mashup between two awesome franchises!

  10. TODAY ONLY! 
    I have my first print ever on The Yetee, and this is a great opportunity to pick up a high quality screen-printed T Shirt of my Song of Storms design. Best thing - it’s only $11.00, so don’t miss out! It’ll be gone tomorrow!

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  11. Panda’s Terrible Tank of Terror by Ronan Lynam
    Had to make a GIF of this one! 

    I think I’ll do a series like this of cuddly animals driving machines of war. Stay tuned!

  12. Assteroids by Ronan Lynam 

    Blasting asses in space. Anyone wanna make this a real game?

    I’ll post links to shirts and more soon! Be sure to check out my shop.



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  14. Robot Needs Love, Too by Ronan Lynam